Predator arrives in July

Ed Boon recently tweeted a screen shot of the upcoming Predator and his associated skin pack. While an exact release day was not given, we do know it will happen in July sometime. Also check out the new skins for Jax, Johnny Cage and Scorpion (cause ya know, he needs another one!). 
Predator ingame Infrared Scorpion Commando Johnny Cage Carl Weathers Jax

Kombat Klass: Kung Lao

The Shoalin disciple is the latest to show off his wares in the newest episode of the Kombat Klass series.

MKX Brazil Skin pack

The latest MKX skin pack is here – enter the Brazilian Kombatants! Get Soccer Johnny Cage, Gaucho Kung Lao and Capoeira Liu Kang on either the PSN, Xbox Live or Steam for $3.99USD.

Tanya – Character Guide

Our Tanya Character Guide is 100% complete. Featuring moves, stats, Fatalities, Brutalities and her Ending. If it’s Tanya you want, Tanya we got!

Tanya is here!

Hot off the press, check out our freshly captured videos of MKX’s newest fighter – Tanya!

Also check out her Fatalities and Ending on our YouTube Channel.