Baraka's Bio
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Tarkatans are vicious mutants from the wastes of Outworld, and Baraka is the most brutal among them. Serving in Shao Kahn's army, he gained the Emperor's favor and became one of his personal enforcers. Many of Shao Kahn's opponents have been slain by Baraka's retractable blades, including the defenders of Earthrealm during the Emperor's invasion. But when Shao Kahn was defeated by the Forces of Light, Baraka vowed to avenge his master and returned to Earthrealm to hunt them down.

Regular Moves

Hooking Blast


Tarkata Push


Baraka Smash


Quick Cut


Double Cuts




Skinned Alive


Tears of Pain


Power Chop


Big Leg


Cut 'Em Loose


Hop Roundhouse




Power Slam


Tarkatan Chop


Outworld Bash


Doom Kicks


Nail and Impale


Change Stance: Blade


Blade Stance: Quick Slash


Blade Stance: Open Wound


Blade Stance: Back to Kill


Blade Stance: Cold Steel


Blade Stance: Quick Tips


Blade Stance: Feasting On You


Blade Stance: Lockjaw


Blade Stance: Downward Swipe


Blade Stance: Right to Pain


Blade Stance: Long Stab


Blade Stance: Launching Success


Blade Stance: Tricky Fury


Blade Stance: Reach Out with Anger


Blade Stance: Sharp Situation


Blade Stance: Rising Blade


Blade Stance: Low Swipe


Blade Stance: Low Stab


Blade Stance: Pain Swipe


Low Punch




Low Kick


Quick Change


Special Moves

Sharp Spark


Chop Chop Blades


Scrape Kick


Blade Cyclone


Pro Moves

Chop Chop Blades + Scrape Kick



Fatality: Stab Slam


Fatality: Chest Stab



Baraka's Ending As the worlds returned to normal, the Kombat Rage dissipated in its victims - except the Tarkatans. Through the Rage, the savage Outworld race has descended to an even greater level of bloodlust. Marking their foreheads with the blood of their enemies, they now storm throughout the realms, dominating all.