Catwoman's Bio
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Selina Kyle operates as a costumed cat burglar in Gotham City, and has a love-hate relationship with Batman. She is able to commit nearly impossible crimes thanks to her athletic prowess, skills with a whip, and seductive wiles.

Regular Moves

Quick Scratch


Long Nails




Play Time


Playful Cat


Wild Bunch


Reaching for Air


Brutal Kombo


Skull Pouncer


Upward Scratch


Twisting Claw


Double Claws


Leaping Leg


Scratchy Leg


Heel Kick


Hidden Danger




Hidden Tricks


Swift Heel Kick


Low Jab




Low Kick


Reaching Low Kick


Special Moves

Whip Sting


Lasso Grip


Kitty Surprise


Raging Cat


Somersault Fever


Nine Lives


Pro Moves

Whip Sting + Lasso Grip

        As soon as the Whip Sting connects, perform Lasso Grip.

Whip Sting + Kitty Surprise

        As soon as the Whip Sting connects, perform Kitty Surprise.


Fatality: Klaw


Fatality: Whip



Catwoman's Ending Having been infused with the power of magic during her teleportation, to the alternate universe. Catwoman found that she could transform at will into a black panther. Her increased strength and agility made her a cat that would never again be caged.