Green Lantern

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Fighter pilot Hal Jordan was testing an experimental aircraft when he found himself transported into the desert, to the side of a dying alien who gifted him with a glowing ring, which is charged regularly by a green lantern. By taking the ring, Jordan found himself drafted into the Green Lantern Corps, an interstellar police force that assigned him to protect Earth. Jordan can use his ring to conjure up anything he can imagine.

Regular Moves

Face Knocker


Cosmic Crack


Space Force


Plasmic Stopper


Green View


Knee Pop


Violent Shove


Quick Hook


Speed Spacer


Heavy Hitter


Green Alert


Force of One


Green Force


Overhead Smasher


Forceful Kick


Leaping Knee


High Kick


Kicking Force


Shin Hitter


Low Punch




Low Kick


Reaching Low Kick


Special Moves

Summoned Hand Grab


Justice Fist


Strength of Will


Judgement Hammer


Wall Barrier


Pro Moves

Strength of Will x 3

            Wait for the for each attack to connect before entering the next command


Heroic Brutality: Orb Squeeze


Heroic Brutality: Hammer Squash



Batman's Ending On a distant planet, a huge pyramid unexpectedly rose from beneath the ground. Its origin was unknown, but it seemed to emanate energy similar to what Batman detected from the invading universe. Green Lantern's nemesis Sinestro has learned of the pyramid's existence and is eager to acquire whatever secret it might contain. Hal Jordan knows only that its energy is dangerous - and that the Green Lantern Corps must stop the Sinestro Corps at any cost.