Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung's Bio
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A sorcerer who consumes the souls of his victims, Shang Tsung played host to the Mortal Kombat tournament in Earthrealm, stacking the odds in favor of the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. He was finally defeated by the Shaolin monk Liu Kang and has sought to regain the favor of his master, Shao Kahn, ever since. His hatred of Liu Kang runs deep, and he would desire nothing more than to consume the soul of the one warrior who denied him victory.

Regular Moves

Face Strike


Deceptive Moves


Foul Tricks


Menacing Pain


Tricky Wats


Blessed Fury


Old Secret


Grabbing Face Blaster


Upward Knuckle


Blending Pain




Deadly Wish


Reaching Low Palm


Quick Sidekick


Double Quick Sidekicks


Powered Force


Dragon Tail


Mid-Strike Knee


Brick Heel


Twisting Elbow




Low Kick


Toe Tapper


Special Moves

Skull Fire




Slide Launch


Soul Steal


Body Switch


Hot Escape


Hot Escape: Hot Skull

  This is classed as a Pro Move

Hot Escape: Hot Blast

  This is classed as a Pro Move

Pro Moves


        Wait until each skull connects before inputing the next attack

Enhanced Slide Launch

        As soon as the first hit of Slide Launch connects, input the second attack


Fatality: Back Breaker


Fatality: Morph



Shang Tsung's Ending Impressed with Captain Marvel's fighting ability but angered by his defeat at the hero's hands, Shang Tsung sought to create a race of super-warriors. They would have Captain Marvel's abilities, but would be a perversion of the hero's image. Through sorcery he combined blood from a torn piece of Captain Marvel's cape with the flesh of a Tarkatan corpse. Never before had his flesh pits echoed with the roar of such a monstrosity. With an army of Super- Tarkatans, Shang Tsung will be invincible!