Superman's Bio
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As the planet Krypton braced for destruction, the infant Kal-El was placed in a rocketship by his parents and sent into space. Arriving on Earth as the Last Son of Krypton, he was found and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent on their Kansas farm. Clark Kent manifests the amazing powers of super- strength, flight, and invulnerability under Earths yellow sun. Instilled with the values of right and wrong, he has taken on the identity of Superman to defend his adopted planet.

Regular Moves

Strong Swing


Double Iron




The Smasher


To The Gut


Soaring Victory


Uplifting Uppercut


Upward Body Blow


Weighted Force


More Justice


Forever Justice


Knockout Power


Over-Head Thunder


Stomach Pain


Man in Blue


Power Backfist


Unbelievable Kick


Low Sliding Kick


Gut Punisher




Crouching Gut Strike


Leg Breaker


Special Moves

Heat Vision

    Tap any attack button for extra hits

Air Heat Vision


Inhale Capture


Soaring Knockout


Ice Breath


Ground Tremor


Shoulder Charge


Up, Up and Away


Up, Up and Away: Heat Vision (Close)


Up, Up and Away: Heat Vision (Far)


Up, Up and Away: Cancel


Up, Up and Away: Ground Tremor


Pro Moves

Inhale Capture + Soaring Knockout


Super Ground Tremor

          Wait until first hit of Ground Tremor

Soaring Knockout Attack

        Input extra attack as soon as Soaring Knockout connects

Inhale Capture + Up, Up and Away



Heroic Brutality: Ground Pound


Heroic Brutality: Freeze Slam



Superman's Ending After his encounter with the invaders and their magical powers, Superman knew he was vulnerable to similar assaults in the future. With the aid of the wizard Shazam, he applied ancient Kryptonian lore to the creation of a new costume, giving him resistance to magic. Attacks by sorcerers and demons now have no effect on the Man of Steel.