Episode 1 Recap/Review

Liu Kang has given up on life and gets into a fight with a local gang at a bar located in Macau, China. While beating most of the gang members into a bloody pulp, he lets one of them get in a couple of free shots and then begs his assailant to kill him. Suddenly the door opens and Kung Lao appears to save Liu Kang. While the two walk in an alley, Liu Kang cannot keep his balance to stay upright and falls into a pile of garbage. Liu Kang blames Kung Lao for walking out on him ten years ago, but Kung Lao reminds him that it was his decision to live the temple and the White Lotus Society. After not seeing eye to eye Liu Kang strikes Kung Lao. Kung Lao does not retaliate and simply leaves. The episode ends with Liu Kang holding something like an engagement ring.

00.16-00:27 Beautiful night scenery with lights like Las Vegas.
00:30-00:49 Karaoke so bad that it’s good.
02:07-02:34 Exceptionally bad karaoke. Thankfully Liu Kang puts an end to it.
02:50-03:12 Wannabe gangster pushes his luck.
03:15-04:04 Liu Kang shows that Chinese boxing is more effective than barbaric tricks.
04:12-04:30 Liu Kang lets the last assailant pound his face in.
04:33-05:06 Enter Kung Lao. Almost Clint Eastwood like from The Man with No Name trilogy
5:08-05:11 I’m guessing Liu Kang and Kung Lao are not on best terms anymore.
05:29-05:32 From Mortal Kombat champion to a pile of garbage. What a fall.
06:30:08:45 Best part of the episode.

Really liked this episode. Did they hire Hans Zimmer to do the music? The music that was playing in the alley scene was striking similar to the theme used throughout The Dark Knight trilogy. I’ve never been a big fan of Liu Kang in the games but this has to be my favorite take on the character. We’ve seen a Mortal Kombat champion struggle with his duty and question his faith in Mortal Kombat: Conquest (the great Kung Lao) but nothing like this. Mark Dacascos and Brian Tee are prefect for their respective roles. Raise your hand if you remember Mark from Double Dragon. We had to wait a long time for the premiere of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II but this episode was worth it.