Episode 3 Recap/Review

The Earthrealm warriors gather as Lord Raiden explains why they were called in to participate in a tournament. The deserted wasteland is a reminder of what Earthrealm will resemble if the warriors fail to survive the tournament. The story flashes back to feudal Japan to tell the origins of the blind swordsman Kenshi. Kenshi notices three thieves mugging a weak old man and confronts them. The three are no match for the swordsman. The old man pays Kenshi back by telling him of the tale of a legendary blade forged by Shao Khan. The Sword of Sento harnesses the power of the sun, steel and flame that can cut down any foe. The old man states that the blade in encased in stone and is guarded by the demon Ermac. Anyone who touches the hilt is confronted by Ermac, those who are worthy enough to defeat him can claim the blade. Should the challenger lose Ermac will claim his soul. The old man claims that Ermac has never been defeated. Kenshi doesn’t take the old man’s story seriously until the old man calls Kenshi by his name.

Kenshi reaches the location of the Sword of Sento is resting. Along the way there are corpses of fallen swordsman littered everywhere proving the old man’s tale was true. Kenshi heads into the cave while the episode ends with Ermac warning Kenshi “We are many, you are one.”

00:32-00:58 “Sounds like death.”
00:59-01:17 Win the tournament by surviving it.
01:21-02:27 Supernatural abilities 
03:46-04-02 Slice and dice
04:50-06:45 The Sword of Sento
07:58-08:50 We are many. You are one. We will destroy you.

Not much action in the episode other than Kenshi slicing and dicing those thieves. This episode introduces Sub-Zero as he joins the Earthrealm warriors, although most of the episode tells Kenshi’s origins. I thought the old man would be revealed as Shang Tsung but that didn’t happen. The old man does hint that he could still be the sorcerer. I really liked Kenshi in this episode as it finally shows the character’s personality as it’s his first appearance outside of the games. I thought it was odd getting a former Power Ranger but Dan Southworth does a pretty good job. The episode could have used more action but it sets up the next episode well and it is solid overall.