Blizzard Reveals The Top Ten Plays Of Overwatch League 2018

With Overwatch League, every moment and play counts, though some are more pivotal than others. Much like with casual play, a single moment can completely turn the tide, and there are a lot more stakes when the Overwatch League winner’s circle is on the line. Blizzard combed the Overwatch League clips and statistics and pulled out the most viewed and most talked about plays in the competition.

You can find the video in the tweet above, showing the top ten. Some are deep into the season, others are from the very first week, but all are given context to understand what made them such a big deal. From well-timed Fissures to a highly-efficient Genji slashing through the competition, the clips show some real high-level Overwatch play at its purest.

Are there any plays you think should have made the list?