Copyright-Assaulting Fangame Card Sagas Wars Getting Released

If you were on the internet circa 2011, you might remember the fan project Card Sagas Wars. The fighting game brought together 2D pixel art representations of Young Link, KOS-MOS, Mega Man X, Cloud, Lenneth, Master Chief, and more and then went quiet. You can find one of the last trailers for the game, released nine years ago, below.

The two developers of the game, Alberto Hernández and Dani Oliver, have announced that they plan to release a seven year-old build of the game on to the internet with four characters; Young Link, X, Cloud, and KOS-MOS. Hernández and Oliver will support the game with post-launch content, namely the eight other characters they finished, but this is not intended to be a resuscitation of the project.

Both developers have moved on from the game, but want to show what they have done while they work on new projects that they can actually make a living off of. As such, Card Sagas Wars is going to be buggy, but playable at the minimum.

Oliver says there should be more news on the release later in the week.

It’s a bit of a nostalgic trip for people who followed the project at the time, like me, but also fans of pixel art in general. I am excited to see Oliver’s original project as a fan of the art they produced for Card Sagas Wars, but I won’t lie that I enjoy seeing pixel art representations of a lot of these characters.