Pokémon Go Gifting And Trading Now Online

It has been over one thousand days since Niantic announced trading would be coming to Pokémon Go. We know. We kept count. That’s more than the number of Pokémon out there. You are closer to the 2016 election than you are to that announcement.

But all that’s in the past, because Pokémon Go’s switch has been flipped and gifting and trading are now enabled in the app. There’s a small caveat that you need to be level 33-40 right now. Any other number will get trading soon as they start expanding that range out.

You can go into the app now to get your friend code, which you can then tweet out to everyone on social media. It has not been said how long Niantic will take to expand the level range, but hopefully it won’t be one thousand days.

Additionally, the legendary Pokémon Regice has started appearing as a Raid battle at gyms across the world. The remaining two legendaries of that set, Registeel and Regirock, will arrive in short order.