Mortal Kombat X’s PC Version Is Finally Good

At the start of this year, Warner Bros and NetherRealm abandoned the PC version of Mortal Kombat X, a port that wasn’t super hot to begin with. While the console versions would continue to receive updates and DLC, PC players were left with the one thing worse than pulverized ribs or a spine used as a jump rope: a broken heart.

Despite outcry, WB and NetherRealm remained largely silent. Over time, Mortal Kombat X’s Steam reviews tanked. WB’s spotless reputation—having only one of the worst PC port fiascos in recent video game history on their record—was indelibly tarnished. Anger boiled over into rage, and then rage sizzled for a while until, finally, it cooled into… nothing. Inert hopelessness. People gave up and moved on. When online multiplayer is a major component of your game, that’s no good.

In late-August, however, WB and NetherRealm suddenly started talking to PC players again. They began beta testing the PC version of Mortal Kombat XL and a handful of other updates that would once again bring PC to parity with consoles. Today they’re finally live.

About damn time.

The patch weighs in at a whopping 23 GB, and it includes tons of balance changes, performance improvements, fixes, and sparkly new netcode for multiplayer. All PC players also get the Medieval Skin Pack and The Pit environment for free.


There’s also now a PC version of the Kombat Pack 2 DLC, which offers four new characters, but you’ve gotta pay for it. Some people aren’t super happy about that, given how long they waited. But hey, at least most of the new stuff is free.

Some players are reporting performance issues, but still: if you uppercutted your PC version of Mortal Kombat X into a pit of spikes and tattoos and despondent guitar music, now’s the time to fish it out. Here’s hoping WB and NetherRealm actually stick around this time.

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Mortal Kombat XL Balancing Patch On The Way

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon has announced via his Twitter account that developer NeverRealm Studios is working on a balancing patch for Mortal Kombat XL.

The patch comes out on October 4 (which is the PC release date), but details of the patch’s actual contents will be revealed the day before on October 3.

XL is a version of Mortal Kombat X featuring the characters from its two Kombat Packs, such as the xenomorph from Alien.

For more on MKXL, check out our Test Chamber for the title.

[Source: Ed Boon’s Twitter]

Players Keep Finding Secret New Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X

Fighting game enthusiasts have been going over Mortal Kombat X with a fine-toothed comb ever since the game’s first iteration almost a year ago. Tons of secrets and easter eggs have been discovered but fresh ones keep popping up. It’s been one big gory treasure hunt.

NetherRealm have pumped out a bunch of periodic updates for their hit game over the last 12 months. Each new chunk of code gives the game’s fanbase a reason to fire MKX back up again and track the changes to movesets and finishers.

Brutalities can be the trickiest to uncover since they require specific conditions to have the inputs execute into bloody explosions but players keep finding them, as seen in the videos here.

The injection of new kill moves is just another way that Netherrealm’s focusing on the thematic legacy of Mortal Kombat’s fetish for secrets. It’s a great way to keep fans dialed into a game that might otherwise have been traded in long ago.

Mortal Kombat Characters Are Getting Drunk for St. Patrick’s Day

Today, Bo Rai Cho isn’t the only drunken master in Earthrealm. Everybody in Mortal Kombat X will be throwing back green beers and feeling a little bit luckier this March 17th.

The new Watch Out Leprechauns premier tower went up earlier this week, bundling together eight matches where players will have to contend with modifiers thematically tied to St. Patrick’s Day. The modifiers are basically re-skins of features already in the game, but instead of Kabal’s blade randomly slicing back and forth on the bottom of the screen, it’s marching leprechauns.

You can see me run through some of the Watch Out Leprechauns fights in the videos posted here. There’s green beer that slows Kombatants down, beams of luck-granting light that refill Super meters and a drunk confusion modifier that changes up the functions for button inputs.

It’s all mostly fun and games until that last brawl in the tower, which throws multiple modifiers at you all at once. The experience is like a fight to the death after way too many beer-and-a-shot specials, but it ends with a little reward for making it to the end of the rainbow.

A Salute to Mortal Kombat’s Surprises

There I was, wrapping up a match in Mortal Kombat X and trying to remember the inputs for a finishing move so I could pull off a spectacular win. Then, suddenly, my opponent died in a totally egregious way that I wasn’t expecting! This sudden Brutality reminded me that I’ve always loved Mortal Kombat’s bloody surprises.

These unexpected endings to my Mortal Kombat matches have happened at least three times so far and have genuinely surprised me at every instance. I’ve known that Mortal Kombat has had secret Brutalities and that they require special win conditions and inputs in order for the sarcastic screaming deaths to start. But I’ve been away from the series’ latest installment for a while and have only gotten back into Mortal Kombat X after its most recent update. I haven’t researched how to do Brutalities at all. Each time they popped out, I get a tiny little thrill.

Over the years, I’ve liked Mortal Kombat for the same reasons as millions of other players. Its ludicrous lore, rapid pace and over-the-top approach to martial arts fighting tickled the thrill junkie parts of my lizard brain. As the series evolved, the seeding and discovery of hidden elements became an essential part of the Mortal Kombat recipe. Finding out how to get friendships, babalities and hidden characters all added a layer of intrigue to Mortal Kombat games as time has gone on. That layer gives Mortal Kombat a distinct flavor from other fighting franchises.

Secrets give players another reason to wade through the gore and talk to both other fans and the game-makers themselves. Folks can be guarded about the specific strategies they use to win matches and master various characters. The hidden elements of Mortal Kombat create a camaraderie around the game that’s a lot friendlier than you’d expect.

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