Shang Tsung’s Fight Night V! Galloping Ghost Arcade – April 18th


If you happen to be in the Chicago metropolitan area this Saturday, April 18th, be sure to swing by Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois. Doc Mack, owner of the arcade, is once again putting on a Mortal Kombat event, full of tournaments, prizes, and special guests. Please be sure to check out the event page on Facebook to stay updated!

So far, scheduled to be the Arcade will be:

  • Daniel Pesina – Johnny Cage / Scorpion / Sub Zero / Reptile / Smoke (MK & MKII)
  • Rich Divizio – Kano / Baraka / Kabal / Quan Chi (MK – MK4)
  • Dr. Phillip Ahn – Shang Tsung (MKII)
  • John Parrish – Jax (MK2 & UMK3)
  • Tony Marquez – Kung Lao (MKII & UMK3)
  • Carlos Pesina – Raiden (MK & MKII)
  • Brian Glynn – Shao Khan (MKII & UMK3)
  • John Turk – Sub-Zero / Shang Tsung / Scorpion / Reptile/ Sub-Zero (Masked) / Smoke / Ermac / Noob Saibot (UMK3)
  • Lia Montelongo – Sindel (UMK3)
  • Sal Divita – Night Wolf / Cyrax / Sektor / Smoke
  • Katalin Zamiar – Kitana / Milenna / Jade (MKII)
  • John Vogel and other members of the NRS team!
This will surely be Galloping Ghost Arcade’s biggest Mortal Kombat event to date so don’t miss it!  Thanks to our friends over at TRMK for the info and we hope if our schedules allow to see everyone at Galloping Ghost Arcade for this great event.

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