Onaga's Bio


I had nearly regained my throne as Emperor of Outworld when my plans were
undone. My pawn Shujinko had grown more powerful than I ever anticipated.
Rallying warriors to his cause, he absorbed their fighting abilities and
shattered the six Kamidogu, rendering me vulnerable. Only the amulet I
had retrieved from the sorcerer Quan Chi gave me protection.

But as Shujinko landed his final blow, an outside force simultaneously
ensnared my soul and expelled me from my host body. I found myself bound
to a rune in the Netherrealm. I languished there until I was found by
Shinnok, a fallen Elder God. Like me he was trapped in that accursed
place, denied domination of the realms by lesser beings. Shinnok offered
me a chance at revenge: I would regain my rightful place as ruler of
Outworld in return for my unquestioned servitude. I bow to no one, but I
considered his offer.

Shinnok was nearing his ascension from the Netherrealm, but he feared
another defeat — either by his enemies or his allies. He would emerge
unchallenged if they were all eliminated. To achieve this, he needed an
Edenian half-god named Daegon to defeat a fire elemental. The godlike
energy Daegon would receive from that victory would bring about this
slaughter. However, many other warriors also sought that power. Should
Daegon fail, should some other warrior defeat Blaze, Shinnok’s plans
would go unfulfilled.

Shinnok was most concerned with Shao Kahn, my most hated enemy. He
proposed that I feign reluctance, but join Quan Chi’s new alliance in
order to stay close to the traitor. I would then follow him to the final
battleground and prevent him from reaching Blaze. When Daegon finally won
the prize, the kombatants would all be slain and I would be given
Outworld to rule once more. As an added incentive, Shujinko, languishing
in Shao Kahn’s dungeon, would be mine to do with as I pleased.

I did not trust this fallen Elder God. I suspected treachery. If all went
as he had planned, I would most likely be among the dead. But I accepted
his offer in order to free myself from that accursed Netherrealm.
Satisfied, Shinnok conjured a portal and spoke through it. He then raised
his hands and clenched his fists. With a demonic shout, my soul was freed
from the binding symbol and I was released from the Netherrealm. I awoke
in my original body, covered in dragon’s blood. Before me stood Shang
Tsung, Quan Chi, and my hated enemy, Shao Kahn.

I will pose as Shinnok’s pawn and join Quan Chi’s alliance. Shao Kahn
will never reach Blaze. But I would be a fool to allow Daegon victory.
Once I have slain the fire elemental and have taken the prize for myself,
I will have Shinnok’s head. Onaga serves NO ONE!




Dragon (Basics)

Dragon Reach


Dragon Side Swipe

18% Pop-Up

Low Finger Stab


Collar Bone Buster


Forceful Hand

18% Knockdown

King Sweep

16% Uppercut

Groin Kick

14% Uppercut

Long Reach Foot Trip

9% Knockdown

Crouching Dragon


Fast Stomach Crunch Kick


Dragon Heel

8% Stumble

Dragon (Kombos)

King Klaws


Roar of the Dragon

12% Pop-Up

Deceptive Fury

25% Knockdown

Moon Kicks

22% Knockdown

Triple Dragon Hit


Horror Swipe

28% Knockdown

Special Moves

Dragon’s Fire


Jumping Stomp


Sliding Kick

8% Knockdown

Dirty Face


Flame Breath


Forceful Doom

13% Throw


The forces of Darkness defeated Blaze, and the Dragon King seized the
prize for himself, attaining ultimate power. He immediately focused his
wrath upon the one being he despised most: Shao Kahn. Long ago, Shao
Kahn had stolen Outworld from him. Now Onaga would repay that treachery.
Shao Kahn was beaten to the point of death, but Onaga would not see him
die so quickly. He ordered Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to deal with the
former emperor. While Onaga reclaimed his throne, Shao Kahn remained a
captive in his own dungeon, tortured by those who had once pledged to him
their allegiance.