Jax's Bio





A decorated soldier and formidable warrior, Jax found that he could enhance
his strength and fighting ability through technology. Replacing his arms
with cybernetics, he has become a juggernaut in the fight to protect
Earthrealm. After Emperor Shao Kahn’s invasion, Jax realized that the
military was unprepared for threats from other realms. He and his partner,
Sonya Blade, formed a division of the Special Forces tasked with monitoring
threats not from this world. The Outerworld Investigation Agency will soon
face its first crisis.

Regular Moves

Power Hook




Jax Attack


Power Hookz


Crunch Time


Army of One


Face Beatdown


Power Strike


Stepping Swing


Brigg’s Bash


Frenzy Strike


Crippling Blows


Step It Up


Air Strikes


Reserved Pain


Spin Kick


Low Boot


Gutt Kick


Cheap Shot


Tricky Combat


Dirty Bootz


Low Punch




Low Kick


Reaching Low Kick


Special Moves

Gun Runner


Power Fist


Blinding Light


Rocket Blast


Gotcha Grab

Press   for extra attacks

Ground Pound


Pro Moves

Double Rocket Blast

Input the second (different) command as soon as the first rocket appears

Power Fist + Gotch Grab

As soon as   hits, input the Gotcha Grab

Ground Pound + Gun Runner


Gotcha Grab Extra

If timed just right, you can gain an extra hit


Fatality: Head Smash


Fatality: Air Machine Gun



Jax's Ending

Badly injured in the melee with the otherworldly invaders, Jax knew he must
enhance his cybernetics to save his own life. He underwent massive anatomical
restructuring, replacing most of his body with mechanized, fully armored
versions. Jax is now more powerful than ever, but at the cost of his