GameInformer reviews Kombat Stick

In the latest issue of GameInformer (issue #218), the Kombat Stick is reviewed. For everyone looking to emulate the old-school arcade experience, PDP’s Kombat Stick is a must have:

At first glance, you may be thrown off by the odd placement of the RB/R1 and LT/L2 buttons. The former handles throwing, and the latter is used in conjunction with RT/R2 for the devastating X-Ray attacks. If you don’t go through the game’s tutorial, you may not realize that you can perform these functions without stretching your fingers in unnatural ways. Throwing can be performed by pressing the leftmost two buttons on the X (X/Y for 360, square/X for PS3), and your X-Ray can be unleashed by hitting the bottom two and the middle of the X (RT/A/B on 360, R2/X/O on PS3). Once you’ve learned this, the button layout feels completely natural.

With quality Suzo-Happ parts, the joystick and buttons feel great. For MK’s control style, this stick feels much better than the ball alternative seen on MadCatz’s Street Fighter boards. The top of the board also opens up, allowing gamers to store a USB cord and a game or two inside. Those prone to extended fighting sessions will be grateful to know that their lap won’t get battered along the way thanks to the unit’s padded underside. If your plan on playing a ton of NetherRealm’s awesome fighter and want to relive the series’ glory days in the arcade, this stick is a must have.

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