Unreleased MK Paraody game for Sale

An original, working arcade machine for “Tattoo Assassins” has surfaced on eBay. What does this have to do with Mortal Kombat?

Well story goes that it was a decidedly poor spoof on all things MK. But it was that bad, that only 20 machines were ever made before production was halted. Around the time of MKII, when additional finisher were introduced, long time fans will no doubt remember the persistent rumors of a “Nudeality”.  Well, this train wreck of a game is probably where they came from – it actually has them! The character roster is full cheese and blatant MK rip-offs as well as some 90s references such as a female ice-skater who looks suspiciously like Nancy Kerrigan. 

An interesting bit of trivia is that Tattoo Assassin’s director was Bob Gale who is actually one of the screen-writers for Back to the Future. Probably explains why one finisher involves dropping a DeLorian on the loser…

Check out this 11min trailer that features all 2,196 “unique” finishing moves. 

This ‘unique’ part of MK history can be yours the low low price of just $3,000!

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