Was Cassie Cage based on UFC Fighter Felice Herrig?

Cassie Cage, the gum chewing, ass kicking, selfie taking daughter of Sonya and Johnny Cage bears an odd resemblance to popular MMA fighter and UFC star Felice Herrig.

Herrig is a little angry about Cassie, who she says bears more than just a passing similarity. She first became aware of the similarity months ago, paying it little attention – but has since moved on to having a sneaking suspicion that the team used her likeness without permission.


Here’s what’s got her riled up, according to Kotaku:

“Cassie Cage has a similar face, blows a mean gum bubble, and positions herself as a selfie superstar (Herrig is somewhat notorious in the MMA world for taking a lot of selfies).”
felicecassie2 felicecassie3

If you’ll recall, Cassie Cage has a Selfie Fatality. While it could be mere coincidence, the resemblances striking.

While we wouldn’t be surprised if the design team used her as one of many references, the fact is Cassie is a distinct blend of her parents Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade.

What do you think? Does Herrig have a reason to be suspicious?

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